Artist Statement
Long summer camping outings were a formative benefit of growing up in Colorado. Still able to picture our family tent in the remote mountains, I remain fascinated by the intersection of nature and humanity. Now in my later years, I yearn to capture the images, experiences and feelings embedded in my young psyche during these outings. I am exploring these lasting and continuing stories in my art.
Transparent watercolor on paper is my primary medium as it lends itself to conveying the flow of natural elements and the stories behind the images. It is my hope that I can inspire others to open the tents of their imagination and tell the stories of nature in all its myriad shapes and infinite colors.
NinaLouz Art?
 When my mother wanted to get my attention, she would use a shortened version of my first and middle name: “Nina Lou.” Now that she’s gone, I enjoy honoring her memory by signing that name to my art pieces. It morphed into “NinaLouzArt” when I started to share my creations with others. Maybe she finally got my attention.
Please peruse the gallery to see some of my art, follow me on Instagram @NinaLouz Art to see more, and use the, "Contact" link to inquire about purchases and shipping.
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